virtualization to containerization

Virtualization to containerization Hello Everyone, this article deals with virtualization to containerization technology. Information technology grows in greater speed, techies are trying all the possibilities way to stabilize and maintain their infrastructure using the wide variety of tools. In those technologies, Virtualization had made a huge impact on the IT industry. IT infrastructure started moving virtualization. Virtualization does for all sections like storage, computation, network etc. This has decreased number of servers used, reduced the cost of resources, minimizing downtimes.   Now again the technology has grown to the higher…

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difference between container and Virtual machine


difference between container and Virtual machine As per the current industrial studies, the increase of using container application will increase by 40% by 2020. Containerisation technology have created a great revolution in IT infrastructure. Still the IT professionals are having confusion on “difference between container and Virtual machine”. Virtual Machine Before the generation of virtual machine, The applications are deployed in bare metal(physical server) where the increase in server processing power and capacity which leads to lack of resources availble in the sever. Thus the Virtualization concept got developed and…

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