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Hi All, this document deals with rds storage autoscaling. Autoscaling helps to scale up and scale down your application or infrastructure based when a resource to its threshold limit. The scalability helps the administrator to relax and work freely without any tension. In other words, we can say that no manual intervention required to scale up and down. Nowadays most of all the cloud service providers provide the scalability feature as a service.

If you consider aws provides your auto scaling feature to scale the infrastructure like ec2 instances based on configuration. Recently AWS announces auto scalability for RDS storage. The previous situation was too worse, where the cloud administrator has to increase the RDS storage volume whenever it’s getting full. This leads to downtime for rds instance whenever the RDS storage is modifying. Storage autoscaling helps to scale the volume whenever the storage reaches to the threshold. Already AWS RDS instance is live with a special feature, only need to enable it.

Here is how the configuration.

Step 1: Login to AWS console and select RDS from the services list.
Step 2: Select your RDS instance and select Modify.
Step 3: Choose Storage autoscaling, then Enable storage autoscaling.

Step 4: Set a Maximum storage threshold to autoscale RDS instance.

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2 Thoughts to “rds storage autoscaling”

  1. Hi, thanks for the publication, it’s short and precise. I have one question, do you know if enabling storage autoscaling on an already running RDS needs a downtime? There seems to be many comments around but everybody refers to the AWS article that states zero downtime _for autoscaling_ (the process itself) but doesn’t mention the feature enabling side.

    1. the instance will undergo modifying stage during that time instance will be available.

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