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HI All, this document deals with how to monitor an Ec2 instance using cloud watch.
Cloudwatch is an AWS service you can use for Monitoring different services such as ec2 and many more.


* Access to AWS console.
* Working SNS topic, if not check this link for the setup.
* Ec2 instance to monitor.


Step 1: Login to AWS Cloudwatch console,
Step 2: Click on Create Alarm, Select the namespace.

Step 3: You can select either namespace as ec2, any metrics based.
Step 4: Select the metrics to Monitor, like CPU, memory, disk space
Step 5: Enter the name, description for the alarm.

Step 6: Enter the threshold for the metrics to trigger the alarm, you can mention > 80% CPU utilization like that.
Step 7: In actions, select to whom it should be sent the notification

NOTE: this works if you created the SNS topic before.
Step 8: Save and exit. Now the application will be sent you a notification when it reaches 80 % of CPU utilization.

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