Misperception on Information Security1 min read

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Hello Everyone!

Before getting jumped in depth into Information Security which is a topic bigger than an ocean, let’s take a step back and ask yourself a question, what is Information Security?

Is it all about Hacking and protecting a web site and/or also its associated components like network routers, switches and servers that host that website from un-authorized users. Some might say, it’s related to Intrusion detection and prevention or firewall stuffs. Hardware related, software related etc.

In simple it is all about protecting hard/digital data from un-authorized users. So, another question may arise after this is, what are the areas covered under this?

  1. Ethical Hacking – Technical activity involving skilled people to assess the hardware’s and software’s in-order to find loopholes in them. Part which almost everyone thinks of.
  2. ISMS – Information Security management System which deals policies and process of an organization
  3. Intrusion Detection and Prevention
  4. Data Leakage Prevention
  5. End point Securities
  6. Incident handling and processing
  7. Security Audits
  8. and many more…

When a person says that he belongs to or works in Info Sec, he/she could be working on any sub-domains that are listed under.

Each topic will be briefly illustrated on different post later on. Please wait for it, until we publish!

Thank You.



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    Informative….. would be looking forward for more information

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