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Installation of Openam server

Installation of Openam server is simple and easy process. OpenAM provides a system for integrating diverse Web applications-to share common authentication and authorisation systems.

It can protect applications running on any Web or application server. With a centralised login for all applications, users need to log in only once on the OpenAM server to access any application. OpenAM also provides URL-based authorisation support on the protected resource.



Working tomcat server.
If you don’t have working tomcat server , follow this link.


Step 1: Login to tomcat server.
In my case tomcat server installed in /opt/tomcat/ location

Step 2:
Download openam.war file from offical site and place in webapps folder.
make sure that tomcat process is stopped

Download Link:

cd /opt/tomcat/webapps

download in this locaton.

Step 3: Now start tomcat service. Once the tomcat service is up

sh /opt/tomcat/bin/

Step 4: Access the OpenAM server URL ( First time access will take you to the OpenAM configuration steps. Configure OpenAM with the default directory server or the directory server in which you have user information.

Platforms supported
OpenAM server can be installed on RHEL 4/5/6, Ubuntu, Solaris, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 2008 Server. Agents are available for Tomcat, Weblogic, Jboss, Glassfish and Oracle Application Server 10g.

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