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Hi All, this document deals with how to setup Zabbix-agent.
Zabbix agent helps you to collect the system metrics and send them back to the Zabbix server. Based on the collected metric server calculates whether any notification needs to send to System admin or not.

Zabbix agent support for Linux, Mac, and Windows. Zabbix agent is available in the Zabbix official repository itself so no need for a compilation of source code.


* Zabbix server installed. how to install Zabbix 5 on the centos 7

Here will show you how to setup.

Step 1: Add the Zabbix repo in the server.

sudo yum install -y

Step 2: Install the Zabbix agent

yum install zabbix-agent

Step 3: Configure the Zabbix agent to connect the zabbix server.

vi /etc/zabbix/zabbix-agentd.conf

Edit the server



Step 4: Restart the Zabbix server

service zabbix-agent restart
service enable zabbix-agent

Step 5: Now open the zabbix server web console.


Step 6: Now navigate to the configuration tab and select Hosts. And click on Create host from the right top corner.

Add the hostname, Hostname should be same as in Zabbix agent conf file

Enter the IP address or DNS.

Click on the Templates tab of the host. and select the templates which you need to monitor. Since mine is a Linux server I’m using the Linux template to collect the server metrics.

Then click on ADD.

Step 7: Now wait for the Zabbix agent status to be in GREEN color, this you can check from configuration – host section of the Zabbix UI.

Make sure firewall ports are opened from the Zabbix server to the Zabbix agent on port 10050 TCP, otherwise status will be RED.

Step 8: Now from Monitoring tab => Latest Data => Select host you can see the latest data collected from the zabbix agent.

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Prabhin Prabharkaran

He is Technical professional. He is a person who loves to share tricks and tips on the Internet. He Posts what he does!!

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