Hi All, This document deals with how to setup AWS EMR. Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) tool for big data processing and analysis. Amazon EMR offers the expandable low-configuration service as an easier alternative to running in-house cluster computing.

Here will show how to set up EMR.

Step 1: Login to AWS console and select EMR from the services list.
Step 2: Now Click on Create cluster from EMR Dashboard.

Step 3: Configure as follows
Enter the Cluster name

Enable Logging if you want, if you enable it will be stored in the mentioned s3 bucket.

launch Mode: We have 2 options one is with cluster and the other is step execution.

With Cluster, EMR creates a cluster with a set of specified applications.

With Step execution, EMR will create a cluster, execute added steps and terminate when done.

Under software, configuration choose your software list and proceed for the next section

Hardware configuration
Choose the hardware specification for your EMR cluster and select the number of nodes.

Security and access

create a key or use the existing one for accessing the cluster server.

Once you completed all the steps, click on Create cluster.

It will take some time for the cluster to be in an available state.

Now click on the newly created cluster for more options.

use the master Public IP address to connect the master server of the cluster.

Under the monitoring tab, you can see the different metrics of master and other nodes.

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