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Hi all, this document deals with how to set up access and secret key in aws IAM.
IAM is the identity access management services in AWS where the administrator can create users and manage the access AWS console and API. AWS provides two types of access to Amazon web service. One is AWS management console the web interface and the other one is AWS API calls called programmatic access. To use programmatic access user need the access and secret for the respective access. Once the user is authenticated, using aws API calls the user can manage the Amazon web services. The different types of API support applications are aws-cli, python boto libraries, etc.

Now we will show you how to set up access and secret of an existing user.

Step 1: Login to the AWS management console.
Step 2: From services goto IAM.
Step 3: From users select your user.

Step 4: From User, summary selects the security credentials tab.

Step 5: From the security credentials tab, click on create access key to generate the new access key. Some times the create access keys button may blur out the reason behind this is AWS support only 2 Access key to use parallelly. If you are not using any of your keys, make the respective key inactive and generate the key. Always check the last date of activity before making the key inactive.

Step 6: Once you generate the key, you can download it from the pop. The downloaded file contains the access and secret key.

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