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Hi All, this document deals with how to secure a docker.
As you all know this is the era of microservices, where the services are deployed in docker container using any of these orchestration tools like Docker swarm, Kubernates. Before moving for production deployment its recommended to harden the docker nodes, Docker images, and Docker containers.

Here will show you how to harden, this benchmark is fully by CIS( Center of Information security).
These are the standards given by CIS.

Step 1: Login to docker node,
Step 2: Install git

For ubuntu

apt-get install git

For Centos

yum install git

Step 3: Download CIS benchmark tool for Docker

git clone

Step 4: Now Run, the benchmark tool.



Step 5: Now wait for some time to get the script executes completely. Once it completes you can see the below sample output, where it gives you the which all configuration got Passed and failed.

Step 6: Now it’s the time to fix it. You can check this document to fix all the configuration. Make sure that you have fixed all the line items before going for production.

NOTE: This only for docker community edition

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