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Hi all, this document shows you how to run multiple logstash configuration files.

Logstash (part of the Elastic Stack) integrates data from any source, in any format with this flexible, open-source collection, parsing, and enrichment pipeline.


Option 1:

If you are running from downloaded binary,

create a folder and write all the configuration in individual files in the same directory

mkdir configs
touch logstash-1.conf logstash-2.conf logstash-3.conf

Now run the logstash

./bin/logstash -f /path/to/config-directory &

In my case, it will be like

/bin/logstash -f /home/techrunnr/config &

Option 2:

if you are running logstash using deamon,

copy all your configuration files to /etc/logstash.d/ folder and then restart the service.

Note: make sure that if you use input should be different to avoid port conflicts.

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