Hi All, this document deals with how to move Amazon Instance to another region
Moving instances from one region to another becomes a headache for cloud administrators, where they have to set up a new instance in the desired region and set up the application. This creates a lot of efforts and time.

Here is another method of how to achieve this.

Step 1: Select the Instance
Step 2: Click on action – Image – Create Image.
Step 3: This process will take some amount of time, depends on the specification of your existing instance.

Step 4: Once the process is completed you can see Image creation is completed.
Step 5: Then under the EC2 section choose AMIs, right-click your AMI and choose Copy AMI.

Step 6: Move the image to the desired location
Step 7: Goto the selected location and click on images and launch the instance from your AMI.

You can the same image to launch in different availability zone or Different subnet from actions – launch instance

Now you have successfully created from existing AMI in your desired location and region

Happy learning

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