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Hi All, this document deals with how to integrate Zabbix and Grafana.
Grafana is one of the best visualizer, where user can create different kinds of diagrams based on the data. Here we are using Zabbix as the monitoring tool for monitoring servers and applications. Grafana supports many data sources like Zabbix, Prometheus, etc.

Grafana queries the data sources to get the data to visualize.

Here we will show you how to integrate Zabbix and grafana


* Running the Zabbix server, if you don’t have to refer this document.¬†install zabbix server in ubuntu 16.04
* Running grafana server, if you don’t have, refer this to install grafana for database monitoring


Step 1: Login to Grafana server and install Zabbix plugin

grafana-cli plugins install alexanderzobnin-zabbix-app

Step 2: Restart Grafana

service grafana-server restart

Step 3: Now login to Grafana Web interface, Goto configuration- Datasources- Select Zabbix. Now configure as follows
Datasource name: Zabbix


where is my Zabbix server IP address.

Zabbix API details


Enter the username and password of the Zabbix server to fetch the Data using API call.

Zabbix version: Select the appropriate version of the Zabbix server.

You can connect DB of Zabbix for fetching data, this is optional.

Step 4: Now you can save and test the connection.

Step 5: Now you can import the Zabbix dashboard from Grafana repository. For this goto + and select import.
Enter this code for dashboard 5363 and select the appropriate Zabbix data source. And import.

Step 6: Now to dashboard and see the nicely plotted graph fetching data from Zabbix.

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