Hi all, this document shows you how to integrate Jenkins with o365team for notifications

Step 1: log in to teams and create a channel.

Step 2: Click on the connectors and choose Jenkins

Step 3: Create a webhook URL for teams to accept requests from Jenkins.

Step 4: Note down the webhook URL.

Step 5: Install Office 365 Connector plugin in Jenkins from manage Jenkins console.

Step 6: Add the following command in post-build steps, only if you are using Jenkins pipeline.

office365ConnectorSend message: "Build status ", status:"Failed", webhookUrl:'https://outlook.office.com/webhook/659990asdasdb9-b909-4c5b-ac06-dd168977b423@4e7fc100asdasdsadadbfec53920/JenkinsCI/asdsadad/39c12b9f-469b-44b5-948adsasdsa4-16bdc90df3a8'

Step 7: Click save and apply.

Step 8: Now trigger your Jenkins job, now you will be able to see the notification published in teams channel.

NOTE: teams accept all the environment and parameterized variables.

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