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Hi All, this document deals with how to integrate gitlab and Jira.
Integration with gitlab and Jira helps the developers to add their comments and change Jira ticket status while committing the code to gitlab. By default, Jira extension is available in gitlab. To configure this you need admin access to gitlab account.


Step 1:Login to Jira and create a user account, it always recommended to create a separate user for this action.
Step 2:Now login Jira with the newly created user and create a token for your user account. Use this below URL to generate a token id.

Step 3: Now click on the create API-token and given a tag name for your token.

Step 4: Copy the token id and save securely.

Step 5: Now login to the gitlab account and surf to the admin area.
Step 6: Click on the service template in the left selection area and select Jira.

Step 7: Fist enables the template to commit and merges request.
Enter your Jira URL
Enter your email id
Enter the Jira token id

Step 8: Now save the settings. and do a commit with Jira ticket id to gitlab.
GUP-1245 “test commit”
Now you will able to see the comment which you have committed to gitlab can see in Jira with the corresponding ticket. You can see the hyperlink created for both gitlab and Jira.


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