How to install yugabyte DB in ubuntu 16.04

Hi Techrunnr Readers, this document deals with how to install yugabyte db in ubuntu 16.04. YugaByteDB is a transactional, high-performance database for building distributed cloud services. It supports Cassandra-compatible and Redis-compatible APIs, with PostgreSQL in Beta.

YugaByte offers both SQL and NoSQL in a single, unified db. It is meant to be a system-of-record/authoritative database that applications can rely on for correctness and availability. It allows applications to easily scale up and scale down in the cloud, on-premises or across hybrid environments without creating operational complexity or increasing the risk of outages.


a) One of the following operating systems

* CentOS 7

* Ubuntu 16.04+

b) Verify that you have python2 installed. Support for python3 is in the works.

python –version
Python 2.7.10


Download the YugaByte DB CE package as shown below.


Extract the dowloaded file

 tar xvfz yugabyte-ce- && cd yugabyte-



Thats IT!!!!

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  • yoon · November 29, 2018 at 12:13 am

    it doesn’t work the error message is ‘patchelf not found or is not executable: ‘/root/yugarbyte/yugabyte- ‘ can u help me?

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