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how to install torghost 2.0

Hi All techrunnr subscribers , today we will show you how to install torghost 2.0 .Torghost v1 is just a tool to route all connection through tor network.
Torghost comes with an update where you can change tor’s exit node instantly. It can interact with tor’s control port directly and request for new circuit. just follow the steps

Open the terminal and follow the commands.

git clone
cd torghost

Install the dependency packages,

chmod +x
# ./

Start torghost

torghost start

Stop torghost

torghost stop

To switch IP type the following command

torghost switch

After this you no longer have to setup manual proxy for each applications such as browsers. You can request for new IP instantly.

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3 Thoughts to “how to install torghost 2.0”

  1. Zisia

    How to unistall torghost ?

    1. apt-get remove tor
      rm /usr/bin/torghost

  2. user

    repository does not exist. Regardless, I used the SusmithKrishnan/torghost repo and torghost fails to start with some python error line 15. Project is dead ?

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