Hi All, this document deals with how to install nexus repository in Linux machine.
Nexus Repository OSS is an open source repository that supports many artifact formats, including Docker, Java™, and npm. With the Nexus tool integration, pipelines in your toolchain can publish and retrieve versioned apps and their dependencies by using central repositories that are accessible from other environments.


* Java running on the Linux machine


Download the latest version of nexus repository from the official website.


Copy the downloaded file to /opt
extract the downloaded compress file

tar -xvzdf nexus-3.15.2-01-unix.tar.gz

Go to the extracted folder

cd nexus-3.15.2-01

Now start the nexus application

./nexus start

start makes the nexus application to run in the background.

run makes the nexus application to run in the foreground.

Nexus runs on port 8081 and now you can access nexus repository from the browser.


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