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Hi All, today we will see how to install Minikube in Linux operating system.

As the name says Minikube is the minimal setup of the Kubernetes cluster in your local machine. This makes you to develop and test the Kubernetes functionalities. This is ideally for test and learns not meant for the production setup. 

For Production setup either you can go with many manager services providers such as AWS, Azure, Google, etc. or else do set up your own Kubernetes cluster in your in-house DC.

System Requirements

* minimum 2 core 2GB memory system 20GB HDD.

* docker installed/ virtual machine, this is used for the driver Minikube

* Internet connection


 curl -LO

 sudo install minikube-linux-amd64 /usr/local/bin/minikube

Start the Minikube

minikube  start

That’s it now your Minikube is up and running

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