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Hi All, this document shows you how to install mail catcher in ubuntu.
Mail catcher is an open source SMTP tool where the developer uses to see the email sent out by the application without waiting for the email provider.
As you know there are many alternatives for mail catcher such as mailtrap works in the same way but has some restrictions such per second they allow only a few emails. So in order to overcome this type of situation developers can start using mail catcher as their fake SMTP server.


Step1: Install the dependency packages.

apt-get update
apt-get install -y build-essential software-properties-common
apt-get install -y libsqlite3-dev ruby1.9.1-dev

Step 2: Install mail catcher

gem install mailcatcher

Step 3: Start mail catcher.


mailcatcher --ip <Public IP address>

Step 4: Now login to the web interface to see the email received to Mail catcher from the application

In your application you can use the SMTP configuration as smtp:// to send emails or you can change the SMTP port as per your needs,
mailcatcher –smtp-port <portnumber>


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