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Hi All, this document deals with how to install click house
ClickHouse is an open-source column-oriented DBMS for online analytical processing. ClickHouse was developed by the Russian IT company Yandex for the Yandex. Metrica web analytics service. ClickHouse allows analysis of data that is updated in real time. The system is marketed for high performance

Step 1: check if your system is compatible for the installation.
Check if your system allows SSE(Streaming SIMD Extensions).

grep -q sse4_2 /proc/cpuinfo && echo "SSE 4.2 supported" || echo "SSE 4.2 not supported"

if the output is SSE 4.2 supported then proceed with the further installations.

Step 2: Install click House server and client


Install the dependency package

sudo apt-get install apt-transport-https ca-certificates dirmngr

Sign the PGP keys

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp:// --recv E0C56BD4

Configure the repository and update the system repo.

echo "deb main/" | sudo tee \
sudo apt-get update

Install the click house packages

sudo apt-get install -y clickhouse-server clickhouse-client


Setup the repo and dependency packages.

sudo yum install yum-utils
sudo rpm --import
sudo yum-config-manager --add-repo

Install the click house packages

sudo yum install clickhouse-server clickhouse-client

Step 3: Start the click house service

sudo service clickhouse-server start

Step 4: Connect to click house server using click house client

ClickHouse client version 0.0.18749.
Connecting to localhost:9000.
Connected to ClickHouse server version 0.0.18749.


Below is the location of the click house server configuration file.

The above location is available when you do package installation.

Start click house Manually without using service.


clickhouse-server --config-file=/etc/clickhouse-server/config.xml

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