how to install apache zookeeper in Linux

Hi Techrunnr Readers, this document deals with how to install apache zookeeper in linux.

Apache ZooKeeper is a software project of the Apache Software Foundation. It is essentially a centralized service for distributed systems to a hierarchical key-value store, which is used to provide a distributed configuration service, synchronization service, and naming registry for large distributed systems.


* Linux machine with java installed, if not install follow here.


Step 1: Once you configured java in your Linux machine, download the latest zookeeper from the official site.

cd /opt/




Step 2: Extract the package

 tar -xvzf zookeeper-3.4.10.tar.gz



Step 3: Create the data folder

cd zookeeper-3.4.10

mkdir data


Step 4: Configure zookeeper as follows,


cd /opt/zookeeper-3.4.10/conf


cp zoo-sample.cfg zoo.cfg


Make looks like this



tickTime = 2000


clientPort = 2181

initLimit = 5

syncLimit = 2



step 5: Now zookeeper setup is ready. Now you can start zookeeper.

cd /opt/zookeep-3.4.10/bin

sh start



ZooKeeper JMX enabled by default

Using config: /opt/zookeeper-3.4.10/bin/../conf/zoo.cfg

Starting zookeeper ... STARTED

Step 6: Start CLI using the following command


sh bin/


Step 7: Stop ZooKeeper Server

After connecting the server and performing all the operations, you can stop the zookeeper server by using the following command.


 bin/ stop

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