Hi All, this document deals with how to enable slow query in AWS RDS
Parameter group acts as the container where you can change engine configuration, like enabling slow query, enabling log_slow_rate_limit etc, Not all the configurations are modifiable, you know Amazon RDS is service, where you have only limited access. In other words, you are not a super admin.

For that configuration you can see in the column whether the configuration can be changed or not, You see “Yes” or “NO”

Here I will show you how to enable slow query in RDS.

As you know each instance is attached to a security group where all the engine configuration resides. By default, it is attached to the default parameter group.


Step 1: Create a Parameter group for your instance
Goto RDS console -> Create parameter group -> Select your database engine and version -> then click on Create

Step 2: Once you create Parameter group modify your instance configuration to use newly create Parameter group.
Step 3: Once you attached the parameter group then goto parameter group -> Edit parameter group and search for the Slow query.
Step 4: Now you enable slow query by selecting 1 from the drop-down.
Step 5: Then save your setting and select apply immediately, may you need to reboot your instance in order to changes get an effect.
Here is the sample screenshot of the configuration.

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