how to configure apache drill cluster

Hi Techrunnr Readers, this document deals with how to configure apache drill cluster

Apache Drill is an open-source software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications for interactive analysis of large-scale datasets. Drill is the open source version of Google’s Dremel system which is available as an infrastructure service called Google BigQuery.


* Working zookeeper node, if not installed check here
* Java installed and configured.


Step 1: Download latest Apache Drill.( Do all these steps to all the drill nodes).

cd /opt/


Step 2: Extract the downloaded file.

tar -xzvf apache-drill-1.14.0.tar.gz

Step 3: Configure apache drill to use cluster and zookeeper.

cd /opt/apache-drill-1.14.0/

vi drill-override.conf

drill.exec: {
cluster-id: "clustername",
zk.connect: "ZOOKEEPER-IPaddress:2181"


Step 4: Start the apache drill on all the servers.

sh start

Step 5: Now check the Apache Drill WebGUI

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