Hi All, this document deals with how to extend the root volume of windows server. There is always a chance to increase the EBS volume of instances when you go beyond the existing size while creating the instance.
This tutorial will help how to extend the volume.


Step 1: Login to AWS Ec2 console.
Step 2: Select your Ec2 instance.
Step 3: From the Instance, description selects your EBS volume, for a saver side take a snapshot of the volume.
Step 4: Once the snapshot completed, select the volume, Goto actions – Select modify.
Step 5: Enter the size to be extended and wait for the process to get complete.
Step 6: Once you process completed, login to windows server – goto disk management using diskmgmt.msc

Step 7: From disk management refresh the disks from the action menu. So you can see the existing Size disk change to newly size allocated. And you can see the unallocated space also.

Step 8: Now right click on the existing volume and select extend volume.

Step 9: From the wizard, continue with the default options, see the below image for further reference.

Step 10: Now you have successfully extended the EBS volume for Windows server.

Check this document to perform the same in Linux Server.


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