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Encrypt Removal storage in Ubuntu

Now a days we all are considered about data. All our data’s are stored in digital format either in CD, USB, HDD etc. So what will happen if lost our USB. The data which is available in drive is exposed to the person who got the pendrive. Now cryptography plays an essential role here. Just think about if your pendrive is encrypted, even though the pendrive is lost the person who got the pendrive requires the decryption key to use it.

In this document we will show you how to Encrypt Removal storage in Ubuntu.

Step 1: Install cryptsetup

sudo apt-get install cryptsetup

Step2: To encrypt a drive, launch the Disk Utility from the DashBoard.
Step3: Connect the removable storage device
Step4: Select it from the Peripheral Devices section. Ensure you select the correct device so you don’t accidentally wipe important files.
Step5: After selecting the drive, click the Unmount Volume button in the right pane
Step5: Click the Format Volume button and enable the Encrypt underlying device check box.
Step6: Assign a Strong Passphrase for the USB drive.

Step 7: Now  eject the USB drive and connect it again.Now it will be asking for the password.



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