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Hi All, this document deals with how to set up an EC2 data life cycle manager.Data Lifecycle Manager help you to take a snapshot of the Ec2 instance/Volume and delete the older snapshots after specific days of the retention policy.

  • AWS Console access.


    Step 1: Login to AWS console and select EC2 from the services list.
    Step 2: Select the Life cycle manager from elastic Block storage.
    Step 3: Now you will be able to see the welcome dashboard of Life cycle manager.

    Step 4: Enter the description of the job.
    Select the resource type.
    Select the instance or volume as per your requirement.

    Step 5: Now move to Policy Schedule.
    Enter Schedule name*
    Run policy every- Select the time duration
    Starting at – Enter the start time.
    Retention rule- Number of snapshots that will be retained.

    Step 6: In the tagging information, you can select the tag for the newly generated snapshot. You can choose the existing tag or create or add new tags for the snapshots.

    step 7: Choose the default IAM role. so new policy will be created or you can use the existing roles if its available.

    Step 8: Once all done create the policy.
    Now you have successfully enabled life cycle manager for the select volume or instance. From the next day onwards you can see the newly created snapshots in the snapshot section in the Ec2 dashboard.

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