Hi All, this documents deals with what is the difference between vertical and horizontal scaling
Consider you have an application server and you need to scale your application due to heavy load the application. For scale you can approach two different types of scaling one is Vertical and another is Horizontal Scaling.

Now let’s see what is the difference between these two.
Horizontal scaling adding more machines to your network and balancing the load between all the machines. Here you share the CPU load and Memory across the instances.
Or We can say it as adding more resources to the existing tools.

Vertical scaling means you adding more power to the instance. You can easily understand from the below machine. Like you adding CPU core and Memory to the machine.

Looking from an infra management perspective it’s always better to scale your instance in the horizontal way where it .

  • increase the application performance
  • Provides high availability
  • Scaling doesn’t require downtime.

Vertical scaling requires,

  • downtime
  • Less availability(limited Upgradation)

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