Hi all, this document shows you what is the difference between docker registry and docker repository.
As you all know docker container runs with images of applications. Docker images are build from docker file. Docker file is nothing but the set of instructions defined in a file to build an image to run a container.
Usually, docker image gets stored in the place or system where it got to build. So whenever the container has to deploy in any host, it has to be copied from the build machine to the deployment server. So here comes the use of docker registry.

Docker registry is the place you can store the docker images where you can repository for each type of images. Or in other words, I can say this the platform to store all the images like codes are stored in GitHub, svn etc
Here are the few examples of public available docker registry, DOCKER HUB, AMAZON CONTAINER REGISTRY, MICROSOFT CONTAINER REGISTRY.
In the docker registry, you can create a repository for each type of images. For example, I can create a repository for my voting app. And I can push a different set of docker images for the same application with different tag names like different versions.
Looking into docker hub, docker hub provides you with a platform to download a lot of public. Available images like different flavors of base operating systems, pre-installed applications etc. These images are free of cost.
Even you can create repository either publi6 repository or repository. By default, docker hub Provides only one private repository per account as free. If you want to create multiple repositories under same account you to pay for docker hub. Docker hub provides an attractive offer while purchasing private repositories. Docker hub let you push and pull docker images.

Docker hub Contains many features like automating image build, we hook etc
Automate image build happens when you integrate docker hub with GitHub as your source code management system.
Whenever code push happens, docker hub detects the push and starts the image building.
Authentication to docker hub is required before pull /push to private repository.
If you consider docker hub is not the secure place to store your docker images, you can set private Docker registry.

Setting up of a private registry is an easy process, Pull the docker private registry and start the container. Check this document to set up a private Docker registry.
I hope all you understood about the difference between docker registry and the docker repository.

Happy learning 🙂

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