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How to create openstack images manually


Step1: Download the Ubuntu ISO from the website.
Step2: In your desktop,Install VirtualBox. After Installation Open the Virtualbox Click New.
Step3: Select the appropriate name and size.
Step4: Next ,It will ask Hard drive type,select qcow.
Step5. Finish the Initial step and open the setting by right-clicking the new machine you have created.
Step6: Select the storage click on the empty which is under IDE Controller and browse the ISO file.
Step7: Start the virtual machine and continue with the installation process.
Step8: After installation install cloud-init

apt-get install cloud-init

Step9: Edit vi /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg
add this line
user: admin
Step10: Power off the machine
Step11: Right click the machine and select clone,in clone select full clone option.
Step12: New clone machine is created. Start the machine and check that wether the machine is working
fine or not.
Step13: Find out the clone machine location and copy filename.qcow file to the open-stack server by using
scp,winscp etc.
Step14:  Execute the following command and upload the glance image.

glance image-create –name “Image name” –is-public true –container-format bare –disk-format qcow2 <

Step15: Go to the openstack front end and Check the image is created or not.
Step16: After the image is created ,create an open stack virtual machine y attaching the key.
Step17: Once the instance is created login the instance using key.

ssh -i <key.pem>

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