Boeing hits with WannaCry ransomware attack1 min read

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Past few months we haven’t heard any news about WannaCry ransomware. But yesterday one of the Boeing production plant hit with WannaCry ransomware this is as per the report from Seattle Times.

wannacry ransomware

“It is metastasizing rapidly out of North Charleston and I just heard 777 (automated spar assembly tools) may have gone down,” reads VanderWel’s memo, according to the Seattle Times.

Boeing is worried about whether it may it their airplane software. Now the infected is prompting for pay ransom. As we all know that Decemeber 2017 has major hit of Ransomware all over the world . All this happened because of End user is not educated. After the wannacry ransomware we have seen different varients of ransmware which keeps generting .

These are steps which we should undertake for preventing ransomware.

Be Aware be secure !!!

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