Hi All, this document deals with how to automate ebs snapshot using cloud watch.
A critical application or server which holds data is always the best practice to take a snapshot as a backup periodically.

Taking backup manually won’t help us to solve this issue, even script running any server calling the Snapshot AMI also won’t help on this, because then we should make sure that the server running the script should be available 24/7 without any issue. In order to solve this kind of circumstances, I would like you to go cloudwatch service where you can automate EBS snapshot periodically.

Before Going to this take note of your EBS volume ID.

Next Go to the Cloud watch dashboard, select event.

Under Event select schedule option to take periodic backup.

Select cron to schedule a job,
Here is the sample job which I have created for mine.

For Targets, choose to Add target and then select EC2 CreateSnapshot API call,
Add your Volume ID

that’s it now you have successfully scheduled EBS snapshot.

Here is the link for more understanding about cron Events


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